City of Lights, City of Love

Who has never dreamt of exploring Paris? It is the most popular and visited city in the world due to its centuries-old historic, political, artistic inspirations. I have been there thrice and every time, I took a different transport means. I took the plane twice, one time with Air France (108€ one-way trip) and another one with EasyJet (35€ one-way trip) and for my third time there, I took the Ouibus from Nice to Paris with a  12-hour stop in Lyon ; I spent two days traveling! 7 hours on monday and 5 on Tuesday, but at least that cost merely 37€ for a one-way Ouibus ticket, bearing in mind that it was the beginning of June and plane tickets were simply unaffordable.

You will always find what you’re looking for in this city, be it fashion shops (and that fashion! the most stylish stores in the world and of course, depending on  your budget and if you can afford it, la Haute Couture!), French food, breathtaking museums, religious sites and monuments and lovely landscapes. All of this sounds so cliché but truly participates in making this city unique and particularly charming. One of my favourite things to do is taking a nocturnal walk along La Seine while listening to La Bohème or Comme Ils Disent from Charles Aznavour. This has to be done either with your significant other or back home with friends after a crazy party at Club Haussmann!

Paris also offers a wide variety of bars, pubs and cafés that shall be visited. Don’t miss out on those located in Les Champs-Elysées, albeit way too dear. You should at least try La Durée’s Macarons. Tasty and unique! But here’s one of the issues with this city : everything is expensive. Bear in mind that a large budget has to be foreseen in order to get decent holidays, enjoy all types of activities and prevent bad surprises.

The city is huge and having a transport pass is mandatory. Count 1.9€ for one ticket, 14.50€ for 10 tickets. These tickets can be used for bus, tramway, RER inside Paris and underground. If you’re residing in the suburbs, additional fees may apply. Uber can also be a good solution when needed at 4am and there are no undergrounds anymore. Think about sharing the bill with your friends who took it with you so you can save money!

As mentioned above, if you’re a fashionista, you’ll find your happiness. Countless stores, malls and shops containing either the latest trends or vintage treasures will satisfy you, and there’s always something affordable for all budgets! My favourite places to shop in Paris are Boulevard Haussmann and Champs-Elysées.

In Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.


View from the top of Arc de Triomphe.
Fine Haussmannian architecture
Christmas market in Paris, near les Champes-Elysées. Incredibly beautiful but don’t forget to take enough money so you can have plenty of delicious street and christmas food. You can even get crocodile and kangaroo meat!
Something I like about Paris is that there are plenty of ethnic and multicultural restaurants, bars and clubs. I’m wearing the Tunisian folk’s costume – Jebba and Balagha – as I attended a cultural night party in Paris, located in a latino club. Everyone was more than welcome to wear the traditional attire of their country!
This breathtaking landscape made me for a second forgetting about my issues and how stressful Paris can be.


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